Tha Truth Hurts

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Tha Truth Hurts... (an open letter to rap niggas)
It’s not often I post, so pay attention. Does this shit seem like deja vu 2 any1 else?
I see tha same cycle repeating itself on this site, tha names are just interchangeable.

Muthafukas actin’ like their ideas are so new & grand. "This is what tha scene needs." "Unity" & all that other bullshit rhetoric. Aint nuthin’ new under tha sun,fam. Niggas have been here b4.
I’m not tryin’ 2 preach 2 any goddamn body, I aint tryin’ 2 tell anybody whut 2 do, but since niggas are on here telling "the truth", I want to give some advice.

Quit. Stop. Any nigga on here rappin’ thinking he’s gonna be tha next Eminem or next Jay-Z; give it up.
You’re not.

Niggas talkin’ about promo/marketing budgets & soundscan & 1st week ’s and shit-cut that shit out. Who tha fuk ru, Lyor fukin’ Cohen?. Be a fucking fan, dog.
It’s ok 2b a fan. Really, it is. Seriously. It’s cool 2 just enjoy HipHop w/o trying 2 make your own. It’s like, somewhere something got lost in translation. Every nigga in tha fuking world thinks he can fuking rap. Y? Bcuz u can talk u can rhyme? What is this shit?

A lot of people sing in the shower. A lot of people can carry a tune. But not a lot of people can SING. & most people realize this and are fully aware of their limitations. They don’t spend thousands of dollars on studio time/equipment w/ this dream of being tha next MariahCarey.
U know y? Bcuz they kno that they’re NOT MARIAH CAREY.

Rap niggas are delusional. I didn’t really intend 2 single anybody out, bcuz there’s definitely more than 1 nigga who does/says this type of shit, but are niggas on here really comparing themselves 2 Jay-Z & Marshall? Really? In REAL life? Muthafukas are doing songs w/ Royce & Paradime & "equal or better them" on tha track? What kind of dumbshit is that 2 type? What kind of dumbshit is that 2 THINK?

Niggas need 2 seriously think about what they’re doing w/ their lives, dog. I always hear niggas talkin’ about how wack music is now. Well, are you a part of tha problem or tha solution? Seriously. Kev & Pat fuking love REAL HipHop, but I bet u won’t c either one of them picking up a mic like, "Imma show u how 2 do this, son."

Those guys know their strengths & limitations & are always down 2 help people who are really trying 2 do something & who they feel are CAPABLE of doing something. Origix & DC are tha same way.

All this talk about tha state of tha "Detroit rap scene", like it’s so fuked up. Fucked up 4 who? Is it fucked up 4 GuiltySimpson? 4 BlackMilk? Is Royce starving out here? TrickTrick? Eminem is arguably tha biggest fuking rap artist & best MC in the world & he’s from here. These niggas make a living off this rap shit FOR REAL.

I saw niggas talking about "nobody knows these niggas in the hood". So tha fuck what? They know these niggas in NewYork. They know these niggas in LA. They know these niggas in Europe. They know these niggas in Australia. They know these niggas in Japan. You think they give a fuck that a nigga on Fenkell & Meyers doesn’t know them?

Now, everybody’s not on here doing self-promotion & trying 2 make themselves look bigger than they are & attempting to make it seem like they’re on tha same level as niggas who don’t even know they exist. Some niggas come on this site 2 check out what’s new, who got some new shit coming out, upcoming shows, etc. Some niggas have good intentions. So do I.

I’m a realist, my niggas. If Saigon’s lp aint coming out, what tha fuck makes you think yours is, feel me (pause)? Nigga, if Quest Mcody doesn’t have a deal, what tha fuck makes you think you should have 1? Like I said, I have good intentions. Let me enlighten you 2 what they are.
I want niggas 2 quit. When niggas hear a BlackMilk beat, I wanna see 300 "barely used" MPC’s on e-Bay. When a nigga hears a GuiltySimpson or Elzhi verse, I expect these "rappers" to ball up that bullshit 16 they were writing, take that pen & fill out a fucking job application. This shit aint for everybody,

Don’t get it twisted tho, I respect niggas "get-up & go". I know it’s not easy to get up on those stages & rhyme & be judged by a crowd. My hat goes of to you-kudos. Shit, many, many,many moons ago I used 2 rhyme, but I think after maybe the 2nd or third time I heard Guilty’s joint "BloodBath", I kinda knew this rapping shit wasn’t for me. The most that could ever be for me is a HOBBY. A hobby I was gonna keep to my goddamn self.
You niggas know the mantra, "Those who cannot do, teach."
(JimLeyland never played in the majors, dog.)
I know some guys are gonna say, "Aww, u know, I do it for the love." Well my nigga, if u really love it, LET IT GO. PLEASE.

Now, I’m going to be totally honest, I don’t click on niggas music links, I aint goin’ 2 nobodys wack-ass myspace page, bcuz if a nigga REALLY got some heat-I already know about u. Flat out. When a nigga is undeniable, word gets around. Doesn’t matter where you’re from, if you got that shit, muthafukas will come 2u.
I believe that everybody’s good @ something, God gave everybody some type of talent. Unfortunately for most of these dreamers "in tha game", that talent’s not in music. Maybe cats are good @ knitting or tennis or some shit, but music aint it.

Just be a fan, dog. It’s ok 2 go 2 a show & dap Marv up & say "Nice set, I enjoyed that shit", w/o adding, "Yeah, dog, when we gonna get that collabo poppin’?" Huh? Do niggas say, "Nice game A-Rod, hey u wanna play catch w/ me?"
What kind of shit is that? Quit wasting the precious time God has given u on this planet, find something else 2 do, "rapper".

Enjoy your life.

You’re welcome.


  1. well put... but mpc still isn't going on ebay... you're not talking about me... you're talking about these dudes who have no idea. you're talking to people who we'll never read this... but, you're right. leave the the game to the professionals...................................................................... but i do know what sounds good and im honest with myself. so, one day you may see me in the big leagues, homie.


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